Selenomethionine and methyl selenocysteine: multiple-dose pharmacokinetics in selenium-replete men

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The placebo arm experience is included in the results, although the statistical precision of estimates, with only 3 subjects, is very limited. Healthy male volunteers were recruited as subjects by public announcement in Buffalo, NY. Given that methionine is common to all proteins, the displacement of a functionally important sulfur atom by selenium has the potential to alter protein structure and function.


After a brief review of concurrent medications, vital signs and symptoms, subjects had an intravenous catheter placed in one arm. An unidentified selenium isoform present in the NPC yeast, possibly MSC, may have been at least partly responsible for its apparent effects. Preclinical data indicated that selenium is important in protection against oxidative stress [ 15 — 22 , 28 , 36 , 38 — 40 ].



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  1. That these subjects were close to being selenium replete is substantiated by the substantial increases in urinary selenium excretion engendered by SEMET and MSC.

  2. Preclinical, cell-line data indicated that MSC provides a more efficient route than SeMet to the formation of methyl selenol, a metabolite that in cell lines imparts a chemopreventive effect [ 23 , 27 , 41 , 45 ]. Healthy male volunteers were recruited as subjects by public announcement in Buffalo, NY.

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