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With his villainy in the past, Mortimer restores the peace in the Clubhouse world and is welcomed by Mickey and the gang into their circle of friends. The plan works until the bull finds a way out. Mortimer made his animated debut in the short Mickey's Rival , and has been battling Mickey for Minnie's affections ever since.


Mortimer is also featured as a unlockable and playable character in the app game Disney Crossy Road. On many occasions, he's managed to manipulate Mickey into a scheme that'd end in the downfall of his relationship with Minnie.



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  1. When Mickey proves Pete's suspicions, the latter falls into a depressed state. In later episodes, Mortimer is Mickey's neighbor and is still competing with Mickey to win Minnie's heart, or simply trying to ruin Mickey's day.

  2. He first appears in the episode " No ", where Mickey's inability to say the word "no" is taken advantage of by Mortimer, who asks Mickey to borrow Minnie romantically.

  3. In his first animated appearance, Mickey's Rival , Mortimer was driving by and notice Mickey and Minnie as they were having a picnic. He was also seen sleeping and sunbathing on the ground.

  4. When the problem reaches Mickey and friends' attention, Ludwig Von Drake creates a machine that transforms the clubhouse gang into a team of superheroes.

  5. In later episodes, Mortimer is Mickey's neighbor and is still competing with Mickey to win Minnie's heart, or simply trying to ruin Mickey's day.

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