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Lloyd thaxton dance show

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Out went the country humor and the fiddles. The Lloyd Thaxton Show was designed from the beginning as a low budget local show. Very few corporate executives, the ones who make the ad buying decisions, really watch the shows they advertise in on a regular basis, it at all.

Lloyd thaxton dance show

One favorite recurring skit had the costumed Thaxton on his knees, impersonating painter Toulouse-Lautrec , while lip-synching a current song. But new viewers quickly realized that the something Thaxton was more than just a genial, dapperly dressed host.

Lloyd thaxton dance show

Lloyd thaxton dance show

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  1. The final straw was the Vietnam War, the draft, and the drain all this was taking on teen-agers at the time. Moving behind the scenes, in he created the syndicated game show Pro-Fan, which he also announced.

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