Libra and Cancer Compatibility: The Idealist and the Homemaker

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Libra woman cancer woman

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She does have her guilty pleasures, however, and will splurge now and again. They are known for their sociable, diplomatic, and peace-loving nature. Taking a personal example, both me and my mom belong to the Pisces sign but we are completely different from each other.

Libra woman cancer woman

When moving away, there may be an emotional distancing between the two. For the Libra Idealist, this relationship ultimately fails to live up to its promise.

Libra woman cancer woman

Libra woman cancer woman

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  1. While having commonalities empowers this couple, differences threaten to separate them. Cancer has an over-romanticized idea of love.

  2. Family and friends are high priority and her home environment is where she feels the most secure. Naturally maternal and domestic, the Cancer woman is the caregiver in her relationships.

  3. She loves classic clothes with a twist, the twist that labels her as a fey moon maiden. The amount of couple-time the Cancer and Libra love match dedicate to one another is critical.

  4. Libra is an air sign and operates primarily on an intellectual level. Although Libra partner might be extremely patient and nice, there is still a speed to the element of Air that Cancer might have trouble adjusting to.

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