22 Quirky Quotes By Parks & Recreation’s Leslie Knope That Are Oddly Inspiring

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Leslie knope inspirational quotes

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With her never-ending reserve of self-belief, we think Leslie fits the bill very well. No worry of that with Leslie, though, because she knows her friends are more important.

Leslie knope inspirational quotes

But, will anyone ever find an answer to all these questions? Leslie remains true to her cause and, with complete faith in her own ideas, she battles through with sheer grit and determination. It is here that they see a painting Jerry has created, the subject of which bears a striking resemblance to Leslie.

Leslie knope inspirational quotes

Leslie knope inspirational quotes

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  1. Speaking in a foreign language shows a good education and is helpful in creating alliances with other countries.

  2. A good guy at heart, Ron protests but is still given the award. Not only is she appreciative of the arts, she is a muse.

  3. After becoming flustered, Jerry explains to Leslie that he had obviously thought of her while imagining powerful women.

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