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Kidz at play lithonia

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What if any is the curriculum? Commute can be a factor, especially if both parents work.

Kidz at play lithonia

What is a good age for children to start daycare? Adequate supervision of the children — having an appropriate staff-to-child ratio 1:

Kidz at play lithonia

Kidz at play lithonia

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  1. Do your research on the history of the daycare longevity and low staff turnover are good signs.

  2. Tasha owner refuses to contact and avoids every chance she can to speak with parents. What if my child gets hurt while in your care?

  3. Some daycares will take a child as young as 6 weeks. The reality is it depends on your child and your circumstances, and at what point you want to begin the process of developing social skills, etc.

  4. Is the program licensed or accredited Do you need part time or full time daycare? Generally the rule is, the younger the children the higher the caregiver-to-child ratio.

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