Good Home Remedies For Kennel Cough

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Kennel cough robitussin

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Buttons on the unit control the frequency and duration of misting. Water Tonics for Kennel Cough Ox-E-drops can be added to drinking water as well as sprayed in the air.

Kennel cough robitussin

According to the manufacturer, this product is designed to stimulate immunity, rid the lungs of congestion, kill viruses and bacteria, soothe digestion, rid the body of free radicals, and protect pets who are exposed to illness. Honey — this is another dog-friendly home remedy for kennel cough. Any blend of disinfecting essential oils, such as Ravensare, Eucalyptus radiata, or Spike Lavender, can be dispersed into the air with a diffuser.

Kennel cough robitussin

Kennel cough robitussin

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  1. After being shipped in a van with about 20 other rescued dogs, she developed a severe cough.

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