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Subsequently, Char-Broil integrated a similar design into their Kettleman Charcoal Grills and it now appears on Kamander. Click here for recommendations on how to start a charcoal fire.


The uniform shape, size, weight and composition of briquets is vastly more consistent, so we switched to good old Kingsford Original Blue Bag. Considering how important accurate temperatures are to good barbecue, use only modern, precise digital thermometers.



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  1. When we questioned Char-Broil about this choice of material, they were already in process of changing the intake system to metal. The lid has a single strip of lightweight oven insulation and clamps shut so Kamander can be moved about using the lid handle.

  2. Versatile as kamados are, most round models like Kamander cannot be set up for 2-zone cooking with a hot zone and moderate zone used simultaneously side by side. Subsequently, Char-Broil integrated a similar design into their Kettleman Charcoal Grills and it now appears on Kamander.

  3. Ash Removal Pan Ash removal with most kamados requires raking ash through the lower intake damper into a bucket or bag.

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