K100-G 32 oz. Gas Fuel Treatment

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K100g fuel treatment

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Done improperly this can lead to the sale of fuel that is already phase separated. Now I feel like I am on the defense.

K100g fuel treatment

Further, the mechanism by which ingredients act may well be altered or changed by the unlisted ingredients, or by the processing of the product. Trying to help a few fellow owners out. Most filling stations have below ground tanks, but the sleds are above ground.

K100g fuel treatment

K100g fuel treatment

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  1. Ethanol is chemically an alcohol, a compound containing an extra O and H at the end of the chain.

  2. As fuel ages, asphatimes form, darken the fuel and eventually settle out of the fuel to form sludge at the bottom of the tank. K Treatments contain an organic lubricant that coats the fuel system components to prevent corrosion and oxidation of metallic compounds.

  3. On some small engines you could see the water sitting in the bottom of the bowl under the fuel filter, just in front of the carb.

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