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Jayapura papua indonesia

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Our thanks to At Ipenburg for sharing his experiences and knowledge gained through 7 years living in Jayapura with the community - Guide to Jayapura, Papua! There is a homemade guidebook at the homestay with a lot of important and useful information including how to get around, prices for transport, etc.

Jayapura papua indonesia

Primary employers of expats The mission organizations, the school. After obtaining its special autonomy status, in order to allow the local population access to timber production benefits, the Papuan provincial government issued a number of decrees, enabling: The Yougwa is an open air restaurant which gives a nice view of the sunset, if you're there at the right time.

Jayapura papua indonesia

Jayapura papua indonesia

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  1. There are some snorkeling beaches out from Depapre, some 30 miles from Sentani, but they're all very isolated. The current enrollment is

  2. We really enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere at the homestay. Utilities and Internet access There are a few small spartan internet cafes in Jayapura and Abepura.

  3. And also the staffs.. Information from the airport to the homestay and others are very clear informed Melissa, Indonesia The bathroom.

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