How to Use Soap to Keep Deer Away

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Ivory soap deer repellent

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You can also put a bar in an old stocking and hang in shrubs - try to find a location, like under large leaves, that will protect the soap from rain and watering - the bar of soap will last much longer. Keep the lines clear of grass, shrubs or any other material that will ground the charge and reduce the effectiveness of the fence. Some commercial deer repellents contain what's called putrescent whole egg solids, which is basically a solution containing rotten eggs.

Ivory soap deer repellent

Deer love to eat the following plants and they will attract deer to your garden. It is very effective for cattle and horses and offers some protection against deer - although if they jump over and never touch it, they will not be afraid of it. The electric fence is often overlooked by many gardeners.

Ivory soap deer repellent

Ivory soap deer repellent

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