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Is my ex a narcissist

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He would be drawn to leadership positions. There is a difference between someone who simply has narcissistic tendencies and someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That is why studies of narcissism are so various in their findings.

Is my ex a narcissist

A lot of these functions are internal, things only the person doing them would recognize. He would care very much about how others perceive him. He made you believe he was the only one who would love you.

Is my ex a narcissist

Is my ex a narcissist

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  1. Basically, where empaths can empathize emotions and needs in others, narcissists can intuit the desire in an empath to understand and fix things.

  2. So being surrounded by negativity will be draining, whereas positive people give them energy and they will thrive around them. A lot of these functions are internal, things only the person doing them would recognize.

  3. A narcissist has such high walls. This makes them a great source of understanding and trying to fix things.

  4. If your ex only displays a few of the characteristics of being a narcissist, you might make it away unscathed if you just slowly back away from the breakup and make a clean break of it. Take Our Quiz How do you spot a narcissist?

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