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There will be six different levels of areas your Guild Hall will be in. But, there are drawbacks


You can have one temple for each God, Spirit, or form of nature that is worshiped or revered by the well-known races of Tyria Norn, Human, Asura, Charr, and Sylvari. Your guild hall can be upgraded which will be explained in more detail throughout the following paragraphs to more impressive versions, as well, you can purchase, more merchants and guards. Structures are fought for and a guild does not need to declare war on the guild controlling them to attack it and possibly take it over.



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  1. Two other structures that can be built include a Temple and Monastery. Your chosen Patron God can be changed, but you will have to pay the cost of reconstructing a new Temple.

  2. These credits will be the form of money for guilds and will be used to upgrade your guild hall and purchase important NPCs merchants that sell more specific items or offer special services can be purchased, also.

  3. Lastly, Kingdoms have a limit of seventy-five guards and twenty-five merchants. A more interesting way of interacting with guilds can encourage people to participate in more Guild versus Guild challenges, which is what Guild Wars is all about.

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