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Inbreds in west virginia

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Since Morgantown generally revolves around WVU, and WVU generally revolves around sports and alcohol, Morgantown is basically one big bar and restaurant. Charleston[ edit ] The state capital of West Virginia, a grotesquely polluted cesspool that was taken over by Union Carbide sometime before , and later Dow Chemical, who bought Union Carbide after they blew up India no, that's really how it happened. Even as that one event has become the subject of numerous books and articles, all the other atrocities perpetrated by U.

Inbreds in west virginia

Myths and Realities Philadelphia: November 20, at

Inbreds in west virginia

Inbreds in west virginia

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  1. The hipsters are just gay. Nitro[ edit ] On the very outskirts of the general Charleston area is this awful mess:

  2. West Union[ edit ] A small town in the north-central region of the state that was supposedly a booming community "back-n-th-day". According to Arnold R.

  3. Despite appearances, there are no actual hippies living within eight miles of town, and any sighting of hippies within city limits is either a suburbanite playing pretend or an actual hippie who just stopped by to laugh at anyone who has shaved since the late sixties. Huntington[ edit ] Despite being home to Marshall University, the coolest university you've never heard of , Huntington remains perhaps one of the most depressing spots on the planet, a fact no one has ever been able to properly explain.

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