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Imew comic

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Eddie constantly complains about Sammy being a cheap when it comes to his food. Heading to the mall, Lydia and Sammy start searching for phone and electronic stores in the hopes that someone would know how to fix the charger.

Imew comic

Excited that her new smart phone is finally here, Sammy contacts Lydia to brag about it and to make plans for the evening. After receiving her new phone in the mail, Sammy ends up inadvertently transforming herself while trying to figure out how to use the phone despite not being able to read Chinese.

Imew comic

Imew comic

Sadly, neither Hope nor Lori won the direction as they clingy the entire care glaring at the other. Love leads to her imew comic boyfriend, stopping Lori in her lots.

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  1. With everything now fully resolved, Sammy is now able to better use the phone now that everything is in English.

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