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I m sorry letter to my girlfriend

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I should have made only the promises I could keep. Today, I feel ashamed and guilty.

I m sorry letter to my girlfriend

No man should have his hair pulled by his girlfriend like a three year old. I am sorry for the pain I have caused and this is the reason why I have written this apology letter requesting for your forgiveness. I love you and thanks for asking me to get help.

I m sorry letter to my girlfriend

I m sorry letter to my girlfriend

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  1. I never knew how to love you. I was being unfaithful and was too ashamed to come clean with you then.

  2. I rejected your love that was safe and sincere. You were a child entrusted in my care and my anger and mood swings made you insecure.

  3. Dear mc, What you are learning in stop yourself from doing reckless things when you are angry.

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