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Jon Mooallem in The New York Times writes, "Given the roughly inherited disorders littering the dog genome, crossing two purebreds and expanding their gene pools can be 'a phenomenally good idea,' according to one canine geneticist—if it is done conscientiously. Another defining characteristic of designer dogs is that they are usually bred as companions and pets.


None of these have become recognised by any major registry as purebred breeds. Although designer dogs are often selected by owners for their novelty, reputable breeders sometimes use crossbreeding in an attempt to reduce the incidence of certain hereditary problems found in the purebred breeds, while retaining their more appealing traits.



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  1. These dogs could be considered only as cross breeds, not as designer animals, since appearance is not the main reason for them to be bred. However, as of , the portmanteau words cockapoo and Labradoodle are found in some dictionaries.

  2. Because some traits are dominant, crossbreed dogs tend to manifest some physical characteristics more frequently than others.

  3. In , a new designer cross emerged called the Pomsky , which is a cross of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky , and became popular and sought after.

  4. This advantage can be progressively diluted when two crossbreeds are bred in the attempt to create a breed, narrowing the gene pool. Fanciful label names such as these are often found in for-sale ads, or on the websites that allow sellers to make up their own names for litters of crossbred puppies.

  5. Because some traits are dominant, crossbreed dogs tend to manifest some physical characteristics more frequently than others.

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