Iraq Is Tempting Fate by Punishing Women

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Husbands punished

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Having no other option, he consented for the wedding and organized a low-profile wedding party. The story of Danaides begins with the rivalry between the twin sons of Belus, the king of Egypt.

Husbands punished

Indeed, the Danaides were punished for this after their death with a horrible and eternal torment. The bridled woman was really an outspoken woman and it took a brave one to incur the punishment for being so. Whether or not they bear culpability as collaborators seems to be irrelevant in courtrooms and detention camps across Iraq—collective punishment is doled out regardless of hard evidence.

Husbands punished

Husbands punished

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  1. Are these women victims themselves, forced into life under militant rule, or perpetrators of and partners in violence who should be held accountable for violence that tore apart Iraq? The humiliation aspect of these punishments also provided a form of sexual titillation as the much-treasured reputation for modesty of women in the period was compromised.

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