Everything You Should Know About Your Clitoral Hood

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How to stimulate clitorious

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The clitoris is partially hidden under a hood of skin. All of the parts of female genitalia are sensitive in different ways, but it should never hurt to touch anywhere.

How to stimulate clitorious

If there is a technique not described here that you think could benefit other women, please share it with us! Research done by Judi Chervenak shows masturbation can help.

How to stimulate clitorious

How to stimulate clitorious

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  1. The fingers can be inserted into the vaginal canal while you exert pressure and rub against the clitoris with the edge of your palm or wrist. Masturbating should not be painful in any way, so if you are experiencing any discomfort, try to understand why.

  2. Other Methods of Masturbation In addition to manual stimulation, you can also use other objects, such as a pillow, bathtub, or sex toy to masturbate. When you add in another layer of stimulation directly to her clitoris, you up the game even higher and hotter!

  3. Additionally, you can use a combination of vaginal and clitoral stimulation by using both hands to masturbate. Warm her up slowly to avoid overstimulating the highly sensitive clitoris.

  4. According to a survey by conducted in in the United Kingdom, 9 out of 10 women ages 18 to 30 indicated that they masturbate, and two-thirds of these women said that they masturbate three or more times a week. However, when they become engorged with blood, once can see them externally.

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