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How to properly shave a vagina

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Razors are designed to shave fairly short hair and will quickly clog and become dull if applied to long hair. Egg oil containing immunoglobulins can avoid rashes due to micro-abrasions.

How to properly shave a vagina

This will help to remove anything that might block your pores and lead to ingrown hairs and resulting infections. Use a sugar scrub as your exfoliate to leave your skin smooth. It may seem like a non-necessary step, but it'll make the somewhat lengthy process much more manageable.

How to properly shave a vagina

How to properly shave a vagina

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  1. Always test the shaving cream on another part of your body before you start applying it to your pubic hair, as some people suffer from allergic reactions to certain products.

  2. However, extra care must be taken not to get any of this powder onto the very sensitive areas of the vagina or penis.

  3. With your normal body soap, gently cleanse your pubic area. Some people, including both men and women, don't enjoy having hair on their genitals.

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