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How to plan an elopement wedding

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Other than that, you're free to do everything however you'd like! That said, if you can afford it, it's no harm splashing out and upgrading to a fancy hotel or a plush suite on your wedding night, treating yourself to a fabulous meal or going all in on the Champagne - what's the point in eloping if you can't indulge a little?!

How to plan an elopement wedding

Generally, if your elopement will involve a license, you need to know three things: This will help alleviate hurt feelings. The basics of this are easy-peezy!

How to plan an elopement wedding

How to plan an elopement wedding

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  1. Just keep the climate of your destination in mind. If you are from Florida and want to elope to Colorado, then get ready for some altitude shock!

  2. This is a great project to work on with your elopement photographer. Of course, this was early —before the big wedding blog boom happened—and I had no idea how to do… anything.

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