Understanding My Daughter's Dwarfism

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How to diagnose dwarfism in babies

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You can help your child with dwarfism lead the best life possible by building his or her sense of independence and self-esteem right from the start. A regular part of a well-baby medical exam is the measurement of height, weight and head circumference. Adults with dwarfism should continue to be monitored and treated for problems that occur throughout life.

How to diagnose dwarfism in babies

Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts by commenting on each blog post. And doctors or physical therapists can recommend ways to increase physical activity without putting extra stress on the bones and joints. If a mother has too much amniotic fluid, that can be an indication of dwarfism.

How to diagnose dwarfism in babies

How to diagnose dwarfism in babies

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  1. But most people don't have any other serious problems and are able to live a relatively normal life, with a normal life expectancy. When will we learn the results of the tests?

  2. In one type of SED, the lack of growth in the trunk area may not become apparent until the child is school age; other forms are apparent at birth. Encourage your child to talk to you about his or her feelings, and practice responses to insensitive questions and teasing.

  3. Is your child reaching certain milestones in development, such as rolling over, pushing up, sitting up, crawling, walking or speaking?

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