How to Emotionally Detach From Someone You Care About

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How to detach from someone emotionally

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How to detach from someone emotionally

The technique for this is to officially recognize that there are limits to your compassion and that you are harming yourself and your partner by not letting go. How should I handle these thoughts and feelings? Take your authority and credibility back by not internalizing anything that the person says about you, behind your back or to your face.

How to detach from someone emotionally

How to detach from someone emotionally

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  1. The past is crucial in the process of detachment; it can be this black hole that will sink you in deep. It is time to ask yourself why you are in this relationship and what the payoff is for you.

  2. Recognize that it is "sick" and "unhealthy" to believe that you have the power or control enough to fix, correct, change, heal or rescue another person, place or thing if they do not want to get better nor see a need to change. This is about you and your feelings, no one should be judged for feeling.

  3. You are freely able to give and receive love. Even if there was a point where the relationship was emotionally healthy, the other person may have, for one reason or another that has nothing to do you simply changed and moved forward in another direction.

  4. This is a new beginning for you even it came at an expense of a messy goodbye. Setting new goals helps take your mind off of the past and helps take your focus off of what your ex is doing and put it back on you.

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