17 Men Discuss What Makes Them Miss Their Ex After A Breakup

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How long before ex misses you

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My Advice to You First of all, stop everything you are doing to get him to pay attention to you. That void is probably a feeling you can relate to.

How long before ex misses you

The 'No Contact' Phase is Critical As I mentioned in the previous article, the main reason you need to completely shut off all lines of communication with your ex after the breakup is because you want to force him or her into living life without you. Without your ex actively missing you and wanting you back, there's no way you'll be able to salvage the relationship. There are a ton of reasons that I can think of as to why an ex girlfriend may not tell you that she misses you even when she does.

How long before ex misses you

How long before ex misses you

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  1. The initial good news is that, unless you and your ex never created any type of connection, your ex will definitely miss you. Heck, maybe you are just terrified she will find someone new.

  2. There are a number of reasons why an ex girlfriend may not reach out to you to tell you she misses you but this does not mean that she does not have those kinds of feelings.

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