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Holographic kinetics

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Video about holographic kinetics:

Holographic Kinetics Therapy was developed over many years by Steve Richards, and it's quite unique. When the Spirit enters this internal dimension, all things are omnipotent [consisting of great power], omnipresent [as all things past, present and future are present at the same time] and omniscient [an area of infinite knowledge]. This system effectively and holistically rebalances and is not limited to the following:

Holographic kinetics

In fact there is no age limit to this therapy. It is an advanced Aboriginal-healing modality, incorporating the applied knowledge of Lore that governs the internal invisible dimensions of life, which no man can escape, these are different from our external laws that govern our physical reality. For best effect however, these healing sessions require two trained practitioners using a surrogate method.

Holographic kinetics

Holographic kinetics

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  1. I believe in some circumstances it can be, and at other times it simply removes the blocks to physical healing facilitated by other modalities.

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