30 Really Good Dares – The only list you’ll need!

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Hard dares for truth or dare

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Bark like a dog, meow like a cat in front of 50 guests at a party. Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking , one of the most common fears for many people — so this dare can really make people squirm!

Hard dares for truth or dare

Scoot across the floor using only your elbows. Show all the contents of both your bag and your purse to everyone in your in the room with you.

Hard dares for truth or dare

Hard dares for truth or dare

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Do you recognize whisper or texting. Utter on to routine more about these pithy dares for hundreds: Try out a few negative questions and see where they take you. Hard dares for truth or dare

Have you ever been educated in an asian and if so who were you with. Way is a bad period that you have?. Hard dares for truth or dare

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  1. What is one thing your grandparent taught you how to do? Paint your eyebrows with mayonnaise Put chocolate syrup on a pickle and eat it.

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