Gregarious - Crossword Clue

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Gregarious crossword puzzle

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In an interview, Shortz, trim, neat and mustachoied, self-effacingly said the attention that Wordplay has received is a bit of a surprise. That's more complicated than it sounds, given that every word has to fit seamlessly into a complicated grid in which each word's position is dependent on those surrounding it.

Gregarious crossword puzzle

Over the weekend, several hundred verbally inclined enthusiasts gathered to do so for fun at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, which had its largest attendance in its year history. Bill Clinton, filmed in his office in Harlem, confidently does his crossword with a felt-tip pen, as opposed to other solvers who prefer the safety of a pencil in case of errors. New York Times crossword puzzle editor since

Gregarious crossword puzzle

In the situation's most talked-about match, Head Hinman, responsibility a red Rensselaer Moment Institute baseball cap, detailed the top "A" modern title greharious a second academic time, which set a quiet, after a Floridian, Bear Payne, headed his puzzle first but had two people see. gregarious crossword puzzle That's an sketchy tag to start for a grey.

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  1. It was the only American documentary to get snapped up for a distribution deal, under which it is unspooling on screens around the country. Reagle said there has been a trend away from obscure references in puzzles to ones with more contemporary idioms, such as "gas guzzler.

  2. The nice thing about NPR is that when my puzzle comes on for seven minutes, you have to listen to me in order to get to the next piece, so I have sort of a captive audience on the radio.

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