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Gorean slave

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Slaves cannot build or create anything used as infrastructure, architecture, or engineering as this is the purview of the Free. The slave kneels, in a position exactly like "and" except for the following changes:

Gorean slave

An Owner has strict and absolute control over their slaves, including their very right to existence. If the kajira knows the intention of the position when she starts to go down on all fours, then she should orient her body with her head away from the master as opposed to the obeisance positions, where the head is towards the master. Disclaimer As stated previously above, the owner of Gorean Lore and the staff wish to express that these rules above are by no means conclusive or exhaustive.

Gorean slave

Gorean slave

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The general kneels before the Patron or Mistress. If anyone has legs concerning Lifestyle Gor gorean slave even RP Gor, please favour sure to hand one of the slafe members your shoes or confront to a consequence few.

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  1. As always, remember that people have limits, a lot of them. The shoulders themselves are back with the spine straight kajirus or slightly arched kajira.

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