Student help line finds 50 callers a month considering suicide

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But U of T social work professor Charmaine Williams blamed campus stress on the sometimes elitist, unwelcoming atmosphere of a university, which can particularly alienate marginalized students such as disabled, aboriginal or low-income students. They feel they have to perform above their peers to enter a competitive job market.


The Ontario government launched the hour hotline last year to respond to growing concerns about mental health on campus, heightened by a string of student suicides. By Louise Brown Mon. Duane said he gets many calls from students struggling with time management, who spend either too little time on school work or too much.



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  1. Then again, a certain lack of happiness may be inevitable at a place that encourages people to consider big, often unsettling, ideas, suggested philosophy professor Mark Kingwell.

  2. You have a choice to put the tool down and come back to the phone and talk, or to hang up and call

  3. Duane said he gets many calls from students struggling with time management, who spend either too little time on school work or too much.

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