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Girdles nylons

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Many things are an approximation in SL, and certainly clothes can be. And if we are short on SL allowed areas to add needs, we also in some cases have combined garter belts with undies to make garter panties and save on usage allowing even more options. But of course, if one wishes, they should also be able to able to protect their modesty, and then can be done with better crotch areas and also layered clothing - just as layers work in real life.

Girdles nylons

For example, let us say that our version of a clothes item is in blue. Try this and see if you like it -saving outfits you make into separate folders. You can usually get back to the same color, but often once a custom texture is lost, it can be lost forever, Storing outfits in folders.

Girdles nylons

Girdles nylons

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  1. Well if it is normal SL clothes simply worn, then wear the item and go to "appearance". And if one includes the value of those options, with the knowledge you yourself can change colors and copy, then you are getting even more for your money.

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