How to get to Harriet Humml Gilmn Theatr At in West Palm Beach by Bus or Train

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The analytical and numerical methods used for investigating the multilayer transient heat conduction are analogous to those used for investigating the single-layer transient heat conduction, and the analytical methods have two major advan- tages over the numerical methods: Beck, Temperature solution in multi-dimensional multi-layer bodies, Int. Viljanen, A new analytical method to solve the heat equation for a multi-dimensional composite slab, J.


Uddin [11—14], in which exact analytical solutions of the problems of 1 the transient heat conduction in polar bodies with multiple radial layers [11], 2 the transient asymmetric heat conduction in a multilayer annulus [12], and 3 the 2-D heat conduction in a multilayer sphere [13] were obtained. Published in Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal, Vol. Partial Case of the Problem Being Investigated.



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  1. The notion of layer sphere is also widely used in investigating the thermal proper- ties of composite materials; in this case, it is assumed that the particles forming a composite matrix are spherical in shape. Then a dependent variable or a problem solution e.

  2. The interest shown in these materials is explained by the fact that they combine physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of different substances.

  3. Jain and his collaborators [11—13] used, in combination, the method of separation of variables and the eigenfunction expansion method in investigating the 2-D unsteady multilayer heat conduction in a sphere.

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