I Gave My Daughter A Ghetto Name And I Regret It

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Ghetto names female

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Groans and eye-rolls were to be had when Loretta Divine's character in Crash , whose only trait was being a Sassy Black Woman , said her name is Shaniqua Johnson. Needless to say, her name has that in spades.

Ghetto names female

Not because it would allow others to immediately classify her by race — I have no issue with that. I was 17 and wanted something unique that had meaning and a little pizzazz.

Ghetto names female

Ghetto names female

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  1. The very-white Sarah played by Mary-Louise Parker glances at her cover identity and notices that her name is "Shaniqua Johnson".

  2. My concern is that I may have possibly given her a name that is deemed ghetto. At the time, it sounded cute, so I went with it.

  3. One arrived in the inbox of a Hermeisha Robinson, who had applied for a customer service position. The very-white Sarah played by Mary-Louise Parker glances at her cover identity and notices that her name is "Shaniqua Johnson".

  4. However, the situation may be more complicated than a company proudly sharing an explicitly racist policy.

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