Chaospire "Gear Fetish" Outfit (Black/Silver Version)

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Video about gearfetish:

Measuring 24" x 36", each poster is printed on 80 80 pound Prestige Gloss Cover Stock, which translates into a thicker gallery paper stock for better print quality, presentation and framing. In the same way, those who drone on endlessly on why their choice is great and others suck as opposed to saying why it works for THEIR way of backpacking. Call it art, call it gear fetish, or just call it really cool, these soldiers are dawned in a full leather motorcycle race suit with a PVC rubber coated body suit for a striking scene.


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  1. These dishes cost an arm and a leg…. Surely the simple tools can work for our backcountry concoctions?

  2. But to somehow think a piece of gear is "best" or "better" than another person's choice?

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