Narcissistic Men Typically Direct Their Rage at Straight Women

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Gay narcissistic personality disorder

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Follow-up studies on chemically dependent GLBT individuals would be useful to verify our findings. Psychopathology among cocaine abusers entering treatment. Comorbidity of substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders in adolescents.

Gay narcissistic personality disorder

Another limitation is that it is unclear how generalizable our results are to GLBT individuals with substance use disorders in the community who may not necessitate or desire residential chemical dependency treatment. Although the measures used to assess illness severity were somewhat limited for these analyses, both groups of GLBT subjects had similar rates of psychiatric hospitalizations, suicide attempts, chemical dependency treatment histories, and legal issues. Co-occurrence of month alcohol and drug use disorders and personality disorders in the United States:

Gay narcissistic personality disorder

Gay narcissistic personality disorder

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  1. To our knowledge, however, no research has been done on the treatment of comorbid personality disorders in GLBT patients with substance use disorders. Given the limited scope of this study, however, we cannot ascertain the extent to which either of these hypotheses may apply to these GLBT patients, or the causal relationship between personality disorders and chemical dependency problems.

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