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Funny martial arts movies

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Duel to the Death was the cinematic debut of the Hong Kong filmmaker Ching Siu-tung, who later went on to direct a number of Hong Kong martial arts classics, including the three Swordsman movies - one of which is on this very list - as well as the Chinese Ghost Story trilogy. Leon Lai, the lead in The Sword of Many Loves, began his career as a pop singer and only later branched out into movies, appearing in over 50 movies since

Funny martial arts movies

Since then, Li has had a prolific movie career, appearing in over 40 movie titles, including a number of Hollywood-produced action movies. Because Duel to the Death delivers it in spades! He meets a street vendor, Turkey Karen Mok , and helps her resolve her conflict with competitors.

Funny martial arts movies

Funny martial arts movies

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Marttial China Below Advertisement Hung is the slightly untied one, by the way. The no follows hearsay, super powered west artist Ricky-Oh Fan Siu-Wong who features convicted after consuming a consequence funny martial arts movies lord indirectly responsible for the time of his girlfriend. Li continued as a captivating artist, competing until the age of.

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  1. The strangest among these martial arts movies can be hard to comprehend and impossible to describe. The first one, Riki-oh:

  2. They send out Yakuza assassins, and the mentally handicapped protagonist, Zen, has to fight an endless wave of mob goons using only the power of Weaponized Autism.

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