Funeral etiquette: Dos and don'ts

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Funeral wake etiquette

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You should dress nicely, according to visitation etiquette, although not necessarily as formally as you would for a funeral. The deceased will have been embalmed and prepared by the funeral home, in most cases, and otherwise ready for the burial or cremation. According to funeral viewing etiquette, you should dress relatively formally.

Funeral wake etiquette

Wake Etiquette For many people, the idea of a wake brings to mind a party where people drink and toast the deceased. Let them know you care and if you still wish to help, make the offer again. The grieving family needs control to help them work through grief.

Funeral wake etiquette

Funeral wake etiquette

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  1. You can obtain a Mass card at your local parish. This type of service typically takes place after the funeral, so the body is usually not present; a funeral urn may be, if the deceased was cremated.

  2. If you start coughing or crying, feel free to go to the bathroom or lobby and wait until it passes.

  3. You may want to kneel, say a prayer, say a few words silently to yourself about the deceased, or simply bow your head for a moment or two of silence.

  4. You shouldn't feel forced to partake in a sacrament or say a prayer out loud. Wake Etiquette For many people, the idea of a wake brings to mind a party where people drink and toast the deceased.

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