Have you traveled long distance for a family member's funeral?

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Funeral etiquette long distance

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Should you take your children to a visitation or memorial service? If sent directly to the church where the funeral is taking place, there might be no one there to receive the flowers. The words you write will mean so much more to the person than those written by the professional greeting-card writer, even if yours are not as poetic.

Funeral etiquette long distance

None of us thought this could happen to us. If you do have the opportunity to say goodbye, do so quickly the family members are so tired at this point , telling them what a beautiful service it was and that you will be calling on them, or whatever will be your next point of contact, if any, in the coming weeks. Above all, go with the tone of the funeral.

Funeral etiquette long distance

Funeral etiquette long distance

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  1. We show up for the purpose of celebrating them. Clothing choice for a graveside service is the same as for a funeral service:

  2. It is not polite to laugh loudly in a cemetery, engage in cell phone conversations during the service, or sit, walk, or lean on gravestones or markers. It is good to honor the person in the way their family has chosen.

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  4. Honestly a friend's parent dying cross country I likely will say no. When do I sign the guest book?

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