Why men don’t forgive their cheating partners

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Forgive wife for cheating

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Furious Babatope has made up his mind on sending her out of the house, because according to him, the sin committed by his wife was unforgiveable. Whether we like it or not, men still have that predatory tendency which is present in every male.

Forgive wife for cheating

I can never forgive that. Understandably and for good reasons, infidelity has repeatedly been condemned in marriage, and it has previously been identified as one of the most common reasons for failed marriages, but it is interesting to note that a man who cheats expects to be forgiven by the wife, whereas the wife is forbidden from having an affair, and if she dares it, she may never be forgiven. Some men would hurriedly ascribe this to the saying and general belief that betrayal of trust is hard to repair, but it appears women are the only ones expected to cling to this saying as a reminder or guide for their conduct.

Forgive wife for cheating

Forgive wife for cheating

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