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Flr crossfit

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The exercise is completed when 5 minutes in total have been completed. From here, it is all about controlling your breathing and holding the position. By crossfit 0 Sometimes finding the time to get to the gym is tough.

Flr crossfit

Make sure to squeeze your butt and thighs. Below are 3 great exercises that will hit your entire body and they can be done at home with minimal expertise required!

Flr crossfit

Flr crossfit

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  1. Also remember to keep your chin tucked in and your neck straight throughout the duration of the exercise. For beginners, start on your knees and advance to your toes.

  2. Feel free to use these on your own! For a beginner, a stationary lunge is a good place to start with advancement to a walking lunge once comfortable.

  3. Another common mistake is to lean back on the shoulders and thus increase the flexion of your hips.

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