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Flighty personality type

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They can be flamboyant and theatrical, exhibiting an exaggerated degree of emotional expression. They may believe that they are special and deserve special treatment, and may display an attitude that is arrogant and haughty.

Flighty personality type

INTPs want to make the right decisions in life, and can be afraid that they will somehow go down the wrong path. This difficulty with knowing who they are and what they value can cause people with BPD to experience feeling "empty" and "lost".

Flighty personality type

Flighty personality type

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  1. As a result, they frequently have angry outbursts and engage in impulsive behaviors such as substance abuse, risky sexual liaisons, self-injury, overspending, or binge eating.

  2. They can often become upset if they feel like their decisions have locked them down or held them back in some way.

  3. Anthony Ruocco at the University of Toronto has highlighted two patterns of brain activity that may underlie the dysregulation of emotion indicated in this disorder:

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