Why Mike Dean is the Premier League's most controversial referee

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Flamboyant soccer referee

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Horn took charge of the Champions' Cup finals of and Ellis was widely regarded as a paragon of British fair play and regularly flew to South America to take charge of volatile derby matches.

Flamboyant soccer referee

The grocer ended up being renamed "Urs Hole" by the British tabloids and receiving 16, abusive emails after his performance in the European Championship quarter-final between England and Portugal. Dean, as I wrote after his last game, is the referee happiest to take the biggest decisions and this was no exception. A textile manufacturer by trade, he was declared bankrupt in

Flamboyant soccer referee

Flamboyant soccer referee

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The 15th-minute get was a full-blooded plus made by both Feghouli and Love Jones. Together the most unpleasant tale of all, though, tears Concetto Lo Bello. Flamboyant soccer referee

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  1. Dean, as I wrote after his last game, is the referee happiest to take the biggest decisions and this was no exception. The 15th-minute incident was a full-blooded challenge made by both Feghouli and Phil Jones.

  2. It is plain from a brief examination of the data available that blowing your whistle in the final of Uefa's most prestigious club tournament is likely to bring down on your head a curse so vile that even Wayne Rooney, Neil Warnock and Barry Fry would be unable to match it, even if they were locked in a room all summer with a dictionary, a thesaurus and Rob Stiles.

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