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Fish and chicks muskegon mi

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That led to a steep drop in the peregrine population. Courtesy Consumers EnergyThree of the four peregrine falcon chicks in a holding box waiting to receive identification tags on their legs.

Fish and chicks muskegon mi

Scientists believe the use of pesticides after World War II contributed to the raptor's egg shells becoming too thin, causing them to break during incubation. Power plants first became involved with restoration efforts in the late s in Minnesota. The region continues to be a top-flight nursery for nesting peregrine falcons, a rare bird of prey that officials say is making a comeback -- thanks to preservation efforts.

Fish and chicks muskegon mi

Fish and chicks muskegon mi

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  1. Inspectors removed the carcass and its identification tags will be reviewed to learn more about its age and place of birth.

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