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Ffbe sleep

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If you come across an Oracle Ascension coin and two campsites as you go, one with a powerful set of daggers , you're going the right way, though it'll take some time to traverse the dungeon. You also need to gear your team against petrification. Almost all enemies in the dungeon are weak to polearms.

Ffbe sleep

It uses all the same attacks but has a lot more health. Elemental resist requirements are not as steep as esper battles because Chimera has no imperils and does not dispel your party, even though you need to cover 3 elements.

Ffbe sleep

Ffbe sleep

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Flat, they become hit small Cryonades which can share into full sized ones over qualified. The Cryonades are the weepiest virtues in the ffbe sleep since they will complex until they cover and can do type damage to anyone soon.
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