Why Women Should Have Anal Sex

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Female anul sex

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So the back door cures all of that since your man can come in there safely. Moreover, receptive anal intercourse even carries a risk 2 times greater than that of needle-sharing during injection drug use. Therefore, heterosexual anal sex is obviously very high risk to the woman, 8 especially in locations where HIV prevalence is high.

Female anul sex

But I think that all women should try it at least once. The first time I agreed to anal sex was with my ex-boyfriend. After such an article, no wonder women are shying away from it.

Female anul sex

Female anul sex

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  1. Multiple sexual partners is also listed as a risk factor for anal cancer. Builds Trust I know, double take right here.

  2. Trust is a gift to both parties and creates a whole other level of intimacy, which is something we ladies always want. Here are my top reasons that women should have anal sex.

  3. Here are my top reasons that women should have anal sex. Ladies, the first step to a real orgasm is to actually enjoy sex and embrace the crazy dirty hot nasty side of it.

  4. Feels pretty good and kind of ticklish. This study suggests an urgent need for harm reduction efforts targeting anal sex to help encourage discussion about mutuality and consent, reduce risky and painful techniques and challenge views that normalize coercion.

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