TEST: How do you handle intimacy?

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Fear of intimacy quiz

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Respond to the following statements as they apply to your past relationships. When you've acknowledged and accepted your own flaws, you are going to form truly positive relationships that are fulfilling for all parties.

Fear of intimacy quiz

I would be afraid of sharing my private thoughts with 0. So why don't you consider yourself relationship material? Rate how characteristic each statement is of you on a scale of 1 to 5 as described below, and put your responses on the answer sheet.

Fear of intimacy quiz

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  1. This can lead you to seek out partners who will abandon you too, because you want to replicate and heal the relationship you had with your parents, finally proving to them that you are worth loving, not leaving.

  2. So kick codependency to the curb by recognizing that your parents were mere mortals too. But rather than being truly emotionally available to them, we are exchanging little more than flattery at best with this other person.

  3. What's so painful is that we come to believe that it's somehow our fault and that it's up to us to "fix" it by being perfect.

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