45 Statistics On Cohabitation Before Marriage

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Facts about cohabitation before marriage

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Couple photo via Shutterstock Who cohabits? The amount of partners they choose to cohabitate with will also increase the odds that a divorce would happen. That is the question that religious couples must ask themselves.

Facts about cohabitation before marriage

Only 1 in every 2 couples that commit to cohabitation for the first time choose to ever get married. It is clear that a majority of people see cohabitation as one of the steps toward getting married. Couples today often say they want to be financially secure, have a stable job and finished education before they enter marriage, which means they tend to delay marriage.

Facts about cohabitation before marriage

Facts about cohabitation before marriage

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  1. If an 18 year old chose to wait until the age of 23 to either get married or commit to cohabitation, then they would cut their changes of a divorce in half.

  2. The results of modern data are pretty clear in that most couples are either going to choose to stay together or choose to separate whether they choose cohabitation first or not.

  3. For couples that choose cohabitation first and then end up getting married, there is no greater risk of divorce than a couple who chooses to get married before living together.

  4. In many ways, the new normal really is the choice for cohabitation before anything else.

  5. Wedding cake photo via Shutterstock Why don't people opt to get married? The average age for marriage in the United States is

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