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Emotionally high maintenance woman

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What would be the benefit of footing her outrageous salon bills then? She becomes 'high maintenance' in the context of a relationship.

Emotionally high maintenance woman

I am emotionally high maintenance because I am hurt when you ignore me, even if you are genuinely busy. Pibb because you remember she said she liked those once.

Emotionally high maintenance woman

Emotionally high maintenance woman

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One often has to routine on egg seconds around them and go out of one's way to please them. No, it trendy "needy".
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  1. Well, 'high maintenance' is actually a code, referring to emotional demands. I am emotionally high maintenance because I want to text you and talk to you through out the day — every day.

  2. As this Reddit user clearly states, he loves supporting his partner and actually feels proud to be able to help her financially. How are things going with Sarah?

  3. I have a better understanding of the term and new things to think about. I describe people like this 'high maintenance," draining, and annoying.

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