50+ Best Emotional Quotes for your Facebook Status Updates

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Emotional facebook statuses

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Make people speechless with these royal attitude status in hindi and love status in hindi. Guys that try to pick up girls on facebook are pathetic. What you learn is what really counts.

Emotional facebook statuses

Where there is love there is life. So well, this is a great collection of emotional status that we have collected. One thing you can't hide - is when you're crippled inside.

Emotional facebook statuses

Emotional facebook statuses

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  1. Become a Contributor Best Facebook Status Some of the top Facebook status messages will show you how creative people tend to get on social networking sites.

  2. Every-time I walk over a sewer grate I look down into it hoping to catch a glimpse of a Ninja Turtle.

  3. Of course when you're chatting to your best mate down the pub and she's having a difficult time, that's one thing.

  4. I hope we can still be friends the worst break up line ever. Fake friends are like shadows.

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