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From the moment he stared through a tobacco shop display window at age 6, at seeing a magazine that featured very nice pipes with yellow and black staining, he knew he wanted to make something like that with his own hands--he wanted to make pipes. In our world of pipes, this statement was absolutely true when Tom Eltang opened his new workshop in Copenhagen. His name often comes up in conversation with young pipe makers as a pivotal influence, and he has generously given his time to many up and coming pipe makers from around the World, many of whom made pilgrimages to his shop previos in Taarbaek or his newer one in "Charlottenlund".


This time it was not the aroma of delicious tobacco that attracted me, but that of a barbecue. The set was on a rotating plate so that you could see all the pipes.



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  1. Later, he learned about pipe making from a man named Flemming, who worked at at a center that helped youth transition into working adults.

  2. He returned to Pipemaking full time again in the late 's starting with long time local woodworking friend Kurt Hansen for a few years.

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