Guybrators, anyone? 5 sex gadgets you didn't know you needed

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Electric eel sex toy

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Video about electric eel sex toy:

The Gaga This one is dubbed the "GoPro of sex toys". This was no stunt:

Electric eel sex toy

And it gets weirder still, when you learn this innovation story began with ants in a Panama jungle. Our infatuation with gadgets has led to the creation of complex, fascinating and some downright strange sex gadgets.

Electric eel sex toy

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  1. Quitmeyer started following the scientists around as they studied animals in their habitats. And then, during one of his impromptu robot workshops last year, someone asked Quitmeyer if he could use his robot know-how to build a vibrator.

  2. Launchpad A number of iPad users will admit to using Safari just to watch porn. The device uses oscillations to get you off.

  3. But it was the playful scientific experiments with his fleet of bots that Quitmeyer credits with thinking digitally for new, dynamic, hackable sex toys.

  4. He upped to a PhD in Digital Naturalism at Georgia Tech and started scrounging personal money to fly back to Panama to continue his animal and robotic studies. VR Tenga With virtual reality taking over the world, it was only a matter of time before it found a place in the bedroom too.

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